Where has the last year gone?

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Did 2013 even happen? I can’t believe that we are starting our second semester of SECOND year and that us Jan-babies have been in school for 12 months (straight). I can already tell that this semester is going to be a busy one. Southern Ontario had some crazy weather to kick off 2014, which left me stranded at home for the majority of my first week of school. Commuting from Guelph during the winter months might make my life a bit more stressful then it needs to be, but if I can get through 12 months of med school without a break longer than 21 days then I think I can handle a little bit of winter driving.

We have a few new classes this semester – pharmacology (which seems backwards, I know, but understanding the medications our future patients may be taking and possible interactions with herbal remedies is important), naturopathic manipulation, and clinical nutrition. I am really excited for nutrition, however, I am not excited for the 5 hour lecture on Thursday afternoons – who can pay attention for that long!? Luckily it sounds like it is going to be an interesting and engaging course, and the nutritional aspect of naturopathic medicine is what began drawing me to the profession originally.

On top of increasing the hours at school this semester, along with the hours of driving, I am also trying to get my personal life back on track. It was really easy last year for me to put taking care of myself on the back-burner as I adjusted to starting a new school, making new friends and living on my own. I haven’t ever been one for New Years Resolutions, but I will say I am committing to making some changes in my life this year. Now that I feel I have a handle on what is expected of me at school and what I need to do to accomplish my academic goals, I can shift my attention to exploring my new-found spirituality, energizing my body by getting back in the yoga studio and gym, and deepening my meditation practice.

Speaking of, it’s time for me to finish my PCD (Physical and Clinical Diagnosis) prep for tomorrow morning so I can get a paleo-friendly chili on the stove and get a workout in!

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