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This past week at school has been very inspirational. I’m really enjoying all of our classes this semester and am really trying to soak everything in. I have been jotting down some really great blog post ideas that I’ve stumbled across – however, this morning I had an experience that quickly jumped to the top of the list.

Hot yoga.

Have you been? A couple of years ago I was a hot yoga nut! I lived in the studio atleast 5-6 days a week – and when I wasn’t there I was craving the detoxifying sweat you get from a 60 minute practice. I had been out of the studio for almost 2 years now and was really missing the connectedness with my self. Since the summer I have been saying each week “this is the week you get back in the heat”. However, it’s intimidating! The room can be anywhere from 100-105 0F and it does take a few practices to get used to the heat. Each week I let the fear get the best of me. Some days even getting all ready and into the car only to not pull out of the driveway and go back inside. I was able to find an excuse, either it is was just not having enough water that day, had a coffee, didn’t eat well, was tired, or I just had too much homework to do. Monday I promised myself that I was no longer going to live in my own shadow of fear and I was going to man up (for lack of a better word) and get my butt into the studio.

So today was the day. I woke up feeling very determined and spent the entire morning gearing up for my big excursion to Moksha Yoga in downtown Guelph. I took a big deep breath before opening the door to the studio and entered to feel my entire body wrapped in the warmth. It was a 60 minute practice and I managed to survive the whole thing. I will admit that I struggled, but there were no judgements made on myself. I was just proud to not pass out. Although hot yoga is an AMAZING work out, that wasn’t the only thing I took home from my practice this morning. The energy in the room was contagious. 20 people just there to connect with themselves and move with their breath. All negativity was left outside and for 60 minutes we were each able to go within ourselves and extract a peace that may be muddled from a busy work day or stressful lifestyle. For the first time in a long time I was really just living in the moment, not letting my brain wander off to the fact that I do really have a lot of work to get down today or dwell on my slightly dizzy head. I spent that entire 60 minutes absorbing all the positive and light energy I could in that room and by the end of the movement I didn’t want to leave. There is no other way to describe how I felt after yoga other than “clear”. My soul was able to break free from the grasp of fear, stress, or anxiety and float throughout my body allowing my entire being feel energized.

I am so grateful for the practice I had this morning. Maybe I wasn’t able to do all the poses to the best of my ability, but the energetic experience I had while there completely outweighs any struggle I experienced. I cannot wait to go back and further acclimatize myself to the heat and deepen my practice.

What an amazing feeling to go into this weekend so fresh and open.




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