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Something that really stands out to me is excellent customer service. It doesn’t matter what type of service industry you are in, I firmly believe that no matter what, customer service should you the first and foremost priority for all employees. It makes a huge difference and paints such a picture of the company as a whole.

This being said – I have to make a quick plug for a skin care company I have been recently introduced to: Seaflora.

If you have never heard of Seaflora before, they sell organic seaweed-based skin care products. They work off the coast of BC with over 10 different species of seaweed and harvest each by hand sustainably.

My skin has always been super sensitive and lately I have been trying to only put products on my face made from natural health products without added chemicals. A good friend of mine had been using Seaflora (and her skin is beautiful) so looking to try something new I thought I would give them a shot. Usually I am careful, however with the personal recommendation I jumped right into the company and bought one of everything! I couldn’t resist, everything just looked so good. My products arrived promptly within a week after ordering (and this was with me ordering on Christmas day – point one for customer service!).

I used a sea kelp mask first. Sadly, after 10 minutes I rinsed it off and had a really bad allergic reaction. My face was SUPER red and very tight. I was soo upset – half because I was really looking forward to this product line and half because I had made quite a large investment in the products.

I continued to use the face wash and moisturizer for 4-5 days before I decided my skin just wasn’t liking it. I decided to email the company to see if there was anything that could be done even though I had opened and tried everthing. The woman who received my email was such an amazing light in my day. She was very understanding of my situation and apologized for the unfortunate reaction. She had me send her a picture of the products I had purchased and gave me a full refund for the purchase (point two for customer service!). I was ecstatic! Not many companies out there would offer a full refund for products that were of no use to them anymore.

BUT IT DOESN’T END THERE! At the end of the email she informed me that she would be sending some product samples my way that were specifically formulated for sensitive skin (point three for customer service!). This small gesture made a huge impact on me. I expressed to her my gratitude as I was really looking forward to trying the products.

This morning I received a box FULL of Seaflora samples (point four-six for customer service!!). I now have a wide variety of product formulations to test and this is super exciting! Maybe my skin just doesn’t like seaweed and that’s fine, but with this small gesture of the company wanting to help me out and keep me as a customer, I will always recommend them to any of my friends looking for a natural skin care product simply due to their customer service.

A little extra effort goes a long way – it probably didn’t take much time out of her day to set up a sample box and ship it my way but I was always be extremely thankful for such kindness.

Here is the website for Seaflora if you’d like to read more: https://www.sea-flora.com/about-seaflora

They get my stamp of approval regardless if any of these samples work for me!

In love & health,



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