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Oh no – a huge hiatus to the blog! Everyday I get the urge to write but have barely been able to find the time to do anything besides eat, sleep, study and yoga… (mmm yoga). What else am I throwing into the world-wind mix I call my life?


One morning back in January I was getting some work done with the Food Network on quietly in the background. A documentary was just starting that quickly caught my attention (and might I add, started a large food/health documentary binge). Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead follows Joe Cross, an overweight man struggling with an autoimmune disease that kept him loaded with steroids. He essentially gave up on modern medicine and took matters into his own hands by going on a 60-day juice cleanse. By the end of, what he terms, his “reboot”, Joe had lost nearly 100lbs, was completely steroid-free, and had touched the lives of many. It was an amazing journey to witness and if you haven’t seen the film, I highly recommend it.


find the video on Netflix or http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/


Joe became an inspiration for people everywhere, who have endured a life-long battle with their health. I immediately began researching juicing and was hooked on the idea almost instantly. 2 days later – we bought the juicer and haven’t looked back since.

The juicer wasn’t about going on a drastic diet/cleanse, but more so about adding a few servings of vegetables to our daily intake – and I especially knew the boyfriend would really benefit from it (and probably loves it more then I do). The plus of adding a fresh vegetable juice to your diet is that you are getting all the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals from the veggies and you are getting them quick! Your body doesn’t need to work on digesting the plant matter in order to extract the beneficial nutrients. HOWEVER, a downside (in my opinion) is you aren’t getting the healthy fiber from the veggies when you juice them so it’s important to remember you still need to eat your veg as well. We still eat our standard meals a day, but we also will have 1-2 juice’s as a tasty and healthy treat.

So far it’s been a wonderful experiment. We have been trying vegetables we don’t normally buy and on the plus side, using vegetables that we let get a little past their prime and would have normally thrown out!

Joe Cross did something amazing for his health, although it is important to remember that going on a 60-day juice cleanse isn’t for everyone. It is crucial for you to talk these things over with your health care provider and ensure you are putting in your body the proper nutrients to thrive. Being healthy isn’t about fancy diets and work out regimens – being healthy is about being the best possible version of yourself. First and foremost it’s important to remember that everyone’s version of health is going to be different. I know I’m still finding myself on my health journey and that’s half the fun. Be you, be strong, and live a full life – and try a juice!

In love & health,



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