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A schoolmate of mine shared an article on Facebook this morning outlining the top 5 nutritional myths we hear from mainstream “experts”. The internet is a great resource, however, with power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, anyone can post anything on the internet – take this blog for example, it is a way for me to post on the internet essentially whatever I want. Luckily, I understand that there comes responsibility with blogging, and I want to ensure all my posts are factual and educational to the best of my ability.

*Please remember: I am a student of Naturopathic Medicine and not a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, any advice, stories, or suggestions are not to be replaced with the advice given to you by your medical/naturopathic doctor. It is important to consult with a MD/ND in regards to health decisions.*

I’ve read through many health articles outlining some pretty outrageous stuff. My mindset is very “non-extremist”. I believe truly in the art of everything in moderation. More importantly, I believe that our bodies are capable of telling us what they need for fuel and what is causing them harm and it’s our job to listen to this and adjust accordingly.

I found this article extremely useful. The top 5 myths they busted were indeed the top 5 nutritional myths circulating the mainstream world right now that a lot of Canada’s out there trying to take charge of their health journey are following to a T. It’s discouraging to hear that something you believed was good for you, in fact is the exact opposite. Take this bump as a learning experience – not everything you read on the internet is fact. Also, not everything we as a whole once believed was “healthy” is. New research emerges every day and it’s important to get the facts! Take charge of YOUR journey and educate yourself to become confident in your health decisions.

Here’s the article:

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