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2013 brought  plenty of change – starting at CCNM in January was just the tip of the ice burg. My life has done about 5 360’s since the first day of school, some good and some bad, but I have adjusted to taking each day as they come. Something I am so grateful to have found along my journey has been meditation. My first intern at the RSNC recommended it to help me center and become comfortable spending time with myself. Coincidentally enough, it was around this time last year I participated in my first Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation challenge. She said it was a great way to get started with some guidance through meditation. Each morning at 7:30am I received my email with a 20 minute guided meditation. Oprah and Deepak cited some wise words before they shared the daily sankrit mantra and intention to begin your silent meditation. The first week I spent a lot of time wiggling around in my seat, feeling like a meditation-failure because really how could I be possibly getting any benefit sitting there wondering almost outloud if I was doing it right? I became really discouraged.. almost gave up.. but the sound of Deepak’s voice really is so soothing I told myself that there is benefit to just sitting still for a while without my laptop glued to my fingers or a textbook in my face. So I kept going, and I am so grateful each day for this perseverance I didn’t know I had.

I think the most important lesson I learned during my first meditation challenge is that there is no right or wrong way. The beauty about meditation is that it is a personal experience, not to be criticized by another. It’s not about not thinking, it’s about accepting the thoughts that do enter your awareness and setting them free. It’s about allowing this free flow of energy in and out while placing no judgements. We live in a world now that no longer allows us time with ourselves – and it’s amazing how much we have to say. That 20 minutes of stillness quickly became the best part of my day.

The lunar new moon and double eclipse is bringing about a large shift in our energy. April is going to be a month of change and growth, and by the sounds of the forecast’s I’ve been reading, it may not always be pleasant. An opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and shift through with the moon. I know that during this time, especially with the final two weeks of April, I will really need to focus on myself, remain grounded, and set some boundaries. How appropriate for Oprah and Deepak to be starting another meditation sequence on the 14th. The universe works in mysterious ways, trust that it will bring to you exactly what you need (I just wish it would bring it sooner!).

If you are new to meditation or just want to set aside 20 minutes a day for yourself, I would highly recommend signing up for the challenge. It’s free, convenient and an inspirational experience.

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