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Holy technical difficulties! I have had this post written and ready to go for some time now. After taking a month or so break from blogging due to exams and general school-related fatigue, I had lost complete interest. I realized, however, that this blog didn’t NEED to BE anything, that was the beauty of having it in the first place. I didn’t need to be educational, I didn’t need to spend hours doing research, I could just write what I wanted when I wanted. After releasing the expectations I had put on myself I was immediately drawn back to this platform and began compiling a few pieces. I guess wordpress has been doing some updates during my hiatus and I have had a really hard time figuring out how to make a post. Luckily I finally found a way that works and I can get back to sharing my journey here with everyone. So without further delay, here is a post I wrote weeks ago!


I wrote a nice long post yesterday about my new scent diffuser and all the wonder benefits of aromatherapy and it didn’t post! Maybe one day I’ll go back and re-write it but I was too sad to tap into that again today.

This morning I woke up feeling very claustrophobic. It happens often, I get this stuffy feeling like if I don’t get out of the house I’ll never be able to take in a full breath of air. I’ve really been enjoying our top deck this summer as my study-zone. Some fresh air, beautiful sunshine and a calming sound of the wind rustling through the mature trees in our complex. Today was different though and I knew that I needed to tackle a project in order to free up some space in our dwelling.

This morning I purged huge. Two xl sized garbage bags full of…. CLOTHES. I will always be the first to admit my shopping addiction as a teenager. With no true concept of money I just wanted what I wanted when I wanted it and nothing really else mattered. As I’ve grown up and tackled some financial demons I have a much healthier grasp on the concept of money and have slowly been detaching myself from consumerism. Not saying that I don’t still shop, because hey, I’m a girl that loves fashion and that will probably never change, but I’m more mindful of my habits. Over the years I have acquired a large sum of clothing and each time I would clean out my closet I would find some excuse to keep things even though I knew full well I hadn’t worn them in a year and probably never would. This morning I woke up with a completely different mindset of what filled my closet and to be honest I probably would have been fine emptying it completely. I had dissolved that attachment I had developed to the clothing I purchased over the years and instead of feeling comforted by a closet full of expensive clothes I felt trapped. I have been very patient with my progress but have been waiting for this day to come when I knew I no longer needed to be surrounded by stuff. It was very liberating as I brought things from the dusty back corners of our (actually rather tiny) closet and placed them in the “let go” pile. Each article I stuffed in the bag was a little less suffocating me each day. I even spent some time trying on old clothes giggling at how my style has progressed and shaking my head at my younger self.

Is your closet full of clothing you don’t wear anymore? I understand more than anyone the difficulty of parting with something you paid hard earned money for. Especially now as I go through med school and every dime I have is borrowed. My advice? Start slow.. get rid of a few things you are 100% sure you will never wear and pile the “maybes” somewhere in your closet together. After a month or two if you haven’t taken an article from the “maybe” pile to wear then it’s time to let it go. Donating your clothing that’s no longer being used isn’t throwing away money, but you can give the opportunity for someone else to enjoy that cute sweater as much as you once did. It got intense in my closet today as many memories were brought up and each time I felt myself getting nostalgic and wanting to keep something “just because” I reminded myself of how I felt this morning when I opened my eyes. It’s good to let go of material things to remind yourself that there’s more to life then possessions.

I want to fill our house with love and laughter, not knick-knacks, clothes, or my highschool science binder. The more space we make for ourselves to grow here the lighter and happier our lives can be.


Feeling light and connected today – I’m rather enjoying the shift I’m experiencing this summer.


In love & health,



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