kitty meditation

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I’ve had a thousand thoughts swirling around my head this week, so when I found a moment alone after studying I sat down on the floor to clear my mind and meditate. I got comfortable on the hardwood in our bedroom where a stream of sunlight was flowing in from the window and began focusing on my breath. I had noticed in yoga that morning my breath was getting stuck in my throat, something that may indicate a blockage in my throat chakra. What was I holding onto? Maybe meditation will bring it to light. In and out, in and out. My breath deepened as I visualized a beam of light aligning me from top to bottom. Thoughts flow in and out with ease, passing no judgements and accepting all feelings. I could hear the hum of the TV that was on downstairs but it felt so far off in the distance. I started to feel a tickle on my leg and instead of breaking my stillness I just sent my energy down to ease the discomfort. I’m not sure how much time had passed, but I felt at peace with myself and it was time to come back to my bedroom. As I brought some movement back into my body I opened my eyes and found a pleasant surprise curled up in front of me – my cat.

Usually between 6-7 is when he starts crying for dinner, so for him to come and sit silently with me is impressive enough. Not a sound or a stir he just sat down with me and waited until I was ready to address him. I’m sure he could feel a calming energy in the room, especially since once I did start to stir he immediately started asking for dinner and crawling all over me. He was in tune with what was going on in the room and he respected my energy. Animals are amazing creatures – and great partners in meditation!

In love & health,




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