Health Tip Tuesday! – 07/29/14

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I wanted to bring a more regular, weekly contribution to my blog. Something quick and easy that readers will find either inspiring, enlightening, or helpful. This was the birth of Health Tip Tuesday! Which in my head started as “Tippy Tuesday” – which maybe sounds too closely to “Tipsy Tuesday” and might be interpreted the wrong way.

I’m going to attempt to format my blog so that Tuesday Tip’s are archived separately and easily accessible if you ever want to go back and find something you enjoyed.


I didn’t really realize how poor my digestion was until I started learning about how a properly functioning digestive system works and the importance of elimination of waste and toxins. If your body isn’t able to expel the waste products it builds up then those toxins begin leaking back into your system and wreaking havoc on your health. A common complaint I had was bloat – I suffered day in and day out with a hard, bloated abdomen. For the longest time I just thought this was normal, as do a lot of people – but I’m here to tell you that bloating is not normal. I could write pages about what I tried and how I am still working on managing my digestive system, but here is a helpful tip I received from my first intern that has stuck with me.

Begin your morning routine with warm water and lemon.

Before showering or breakfast, a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon will kick start your digestive system and help prepare it for the (nutritious) breakfast it’s about to receive. Lemon works to stimulate digestive juices and can help get things moving to regulate a morning bowel movement. Surprisingly, even though lemons are an acidic fruit – their mineral content actually makes them alkaline in our bodies after they have been processed. Aside from the digestive benefits of beginning your morning with lemon, it’s also nice to start your day off with intention. With the cloud of a busy day ahead looming over us, it’s easy to spend our mornings in a rush to maximize our time in bed and minimize our time getting ready. Adding 10 extra minutes to your morning routine will not only help better prepare your body for the day ahead but also clear your mind. Try a gratitude exercise or mindfulness technique while you drink your lemon water and give yourself 10 minutes of YOU time before you go out into the hectic world.


Let me know of your experience with lemon water in the mornings – I’d love to hear your feedback!

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