it’s time to embrace change

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I’ve spent a lot of time this summer in self-reflection, and ultimately progressing through some self-healing. I have felt my connection to energetic principals grow stronger every day as I explore and learn. Growth is so important – and as we get older it’s so easy to get comfortable with our daily routines. We find our careers and until the day we retire our lives begin revolving around the concept of getting up every morning, going to work, and coming home. It’s only natural to sink into ruts without even knowing it. We spend our mornings in a haze because it’s almost second nature to get ready for the day, we start to eat the same foods because they’re convenient and easy, and each night we come home to the same house where we make dinner, turn our brains off in front of the TV for an hour and then go to bed – because tomorrow is another day. Rarely do we challenge these norms because if something’s not broke then why fix it, right? I used to fight change with every ounce of my soul, and I know a part of me is still very resistant. I struggle with any type of decision, be it what we eat for dinner that night or something more life altering it doesn’t matter, I struggle. This summer I have really tried to learn and understand that part of myself a bit better. Accept my quarks and embrace them because at the end of the day it is what makes me who I am. That being said, I decided I no longer want to be afraid of change. I want things to be different everyday to open up opportunities to grow even more. When I graduate and start working I don’t want your run of the mill practice, I want to be different. I want to be bold.  I want to be a trailblazer for those coming into the profession behind me. The more comfortable we get the more we begin to hold ourselves back. We are our own worst enemies in that regard – as society has told us when we get older we go to school to find a good job, and when we do we stick with it because security is crucial. But it’s okay to feel uncomfortable if that means your heart is open to the possibility of new and exciting ventures. Today, make yourself uncomfortable. Do something new or change your routine. No matter the scale, just embrace it. You never know what you might learn about yourself.




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