Health Tip Tuesday – 08/19/14

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Today was a busy day for me – trying to take care of some things that have been weighing over me. Instead of letting today be encompassed by a negative energy from weeks of built up stress, I woke up this morning on the right side of the bed. I took a trip into Toronto as an opportunity to spend time with a friend, visit with my mom, and have a good day despite the troubles I’ve been facing.

So, after a long day of not putting together my health tip, I have finally decided that this Tuesday tip is just to breathe.

Finding your mind wander to negative thoughts often? No problem – the negative is there to balance the positive. Accept these feelings and acknowledge them for what they are. Then begin to focus on your breath. Breathe in and out deeply feeling your chest and abdomen expand fully and collapse completely each time. Take 10 deep inhales with longer exhales, replenishing your body with fresh oxygen and focusing your energy inward.

Breathing has become so second nature to us that we forget how important our connection with our breath can be. So stop what you’re doing and just breathe.


In love & health,




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