Health Tip Tuesday – 08/26/14

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A post I had prepared for the Tuesday I left for Mexico and then forgot to post!


I’m off today for a Mexican vacation celebrating a completed NPLEX, written and submitted master’s thesis, and a beautiful wedding with some great friends (obviously not all my accomplishments!). Traveling always poses issues when it comes to your routine of eating and exercising – especially when you are heading to an all-inclusive where you have even less control over the food. As I fully believe in an everything in moderation lifestyle, I’m excited to get away from my routine for a week and relax. However, I have packed a few items to help me keep some consistency in my life and ensure I feel my best throughout the entire trip.

1. Yoga mat – I basically have stopped going anywhere without my yoga mat. A little morning stretch and refresh will be a nice way to start my day. I’m not placing any expectations on myself to use it everyday, but I’ve been connected to my mat recently and I don’t see why being in a hotel will change that.

2. Digestive Enzymes – New places = new food = different methods of cooking. I always find my stomach a little upset on vacation so I’ve been taking my probiotics religiously to prepare my gut for the change in diet and I plan on taking some enzymes to give my gut some assistance when needed.

3.  Protein-rich Snacks – Why am I bringing food to a resort where food will be abundant? This past month I’ve been aiming for 5 meals a day with lots of protein and I know that won’t be achievable lying on the beach (unless I find a nice pool boy to bring me plates of meat and cheese…. mm). So I packed some trail mix and protein bars to have in my beach bag when I need a snack. No hangry’s here!

4. Arsenicum 200ch – A homeopathic remedy famous acutely for traveler’s diarrhea. TMI moment but I almost always have a distressed stomach on vacation and my boyfriend works for Johnson&Johnson meaning we have an endless supply of Imodium when needed. Imodium does me more harm then good in the long run, so I plan on tackling any digestive issues homeopathically.

Other than this, my bag is full of bathing suits and sun dresses! A great way to end a summer that ended up being slightly stressful and not that warm. Hope everyone is enjoying their last bit of August – back to school when I return (ahh)!

In love & health,



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