Health Tip Tuesday – 08/09/2014

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A bit of a blog hiatus there – but I am home from Mexico and I seem to have brought a wee virus with me. Can’t say I have ever been sick like this before, but today I am starting to feel a bit more myself and atleast 90% back to normal. Not the best time to be getting sick as I started my third year at CCNM last week! More about school later.. today is Tuesday and with it being back to school time the germs are going to start spreading and cold/flu season is just around the corner. Here are some of my fave cold/flu remedies and tips to boost the immune system this fall.

1. Cold-Pro by CanPrev – an immune formula I received for free in my CCNM welcome package and since has been a household staple for us. Containing astragalus, reishi mushroom, echinacea and gingseng (plus some vitamin C and zinc) it works by supporting your immune system and shortening the duration of upper respiratory tract illnesses. Taken when you start to feel those early symptoms and then throughout the duration of your cold. Other good options for immune support is Deep Immune by St. Francis – I haven’t personally tried this product but hear rave reviews from classmates. (Please note I have no affiliation with any supplement companies and am simply recommending brands that I have used before)

2. Homemade cold tea – Passed down to me by a classmate the last time my boyfriend caught a nasty cold is a nice warm cup of honey, cinnamon, lemon, and apple cider vinegar. If you are super adventurous add in some crushed garlic… sounds gross but eating raw garlic when you’re sick is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. Its high antimicrobial properties will fight those bugs.  To make the tea add 2 tbsp honey, 1 tsp cinnamon, juice of half a lemon, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar to a cup of hot water and stir vigorously. Drink as many as you need a day (can’t overdose on this bad boy).

3. Oil of Oregano – immune system still not cooperating? Oil of oregano, although not a popular choice in this house (something about “pasta burps”), is a great way to fight off viral or bacterial infections. It’s a very strong flavour and I would recommend adding it into a little cup of water to make it more manageable.

4. Take time for yourself – When we push our bodies to the extreme with little rest, lots of work and increased stress levels we become more susceptible to infection. In my opinion, when we are go-go-go to the point of near collapse our bodies get sick in order to make us slow down. We don’t listen to the signals our bodies give when it’s time to take a break and therefore it forces us to lay down for a few days or take a day off to recoup. Getting sick isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s just a loud message from our bodies to take it easy. So remember this cold/flu season to make an effort to get enough sleep, relax at night and shut down from work/social media. Take some time to focus on you and meditate (something I can’t seem to tote enough). Listen to your body.

Some quick and easy tips for cold/flu season! I hope everyone stays healthy this fall.

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