You ate too much… now what?

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I can’t even count on all available digits how many times I complain about being full, bloated, or nauseous after meals. I probably can’t even count how many times I said it just last week! Something I’ve been battling with my whole life, and a current area of improvement I’m working on with my intern at the RSNC. Herbal medicine is my go-to after meals where I may have over-indulged slightly and in times of need, I turn to tea after dinner to soothe my aching tummy. Here are some of my favourite herbs for those after-dinner woe’s:

1. Peppermint – at restaurants they usually give mints after dinner, right? This isn’t just a kind gesture – peppermint is great to   soothe your gastrointestinal system and combat indigestion. It also promotes the flow of digestive juices and bile to help your body breakdown that big meal quicker.

2. Chamomile – another soothing herb for your gastrointestinal system to help battle indigestion. It also helps relieve that extra gas you might be experiencing, by soothing the intestinal walls and allowing elimination of that bloat.

3. Lemon balm – another carminative herb that offers relief from digestive upset and flatulence. As an added bonus – it tastes delicious too!

4. Fennel – similar to peppermint, fennel is great to soothe an upset stomach and help promote digestion.

All 4 herbs are delicious as a tea and can be found either loose leaf or bagged. If purchasing loose leaf tea, combine whichever combination of herbs you desire at equal parts and brew covered (important to lock in those essential oils!) for 10-15 minutes. If purchasing bagged tea, I like Traditional Medicines Eater’s Digest but feel free to try any tea’s you like!

It’s important to remember not to discount these symptoms as “common complaints” – they may be indicating something more serious is going on and it’s important to visit your doctor about recurring digestive upset.


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