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Something that really stands out to me is excellent customer service. It doesn’t matter what type of service industry you are in, I firmly believe that no matter what, customer service should you the first and foremost priority for all employees. It makes a huge difference and paints such a picture of the company as a whole.

This being said – I have to make a quick plug for a skin care company I have been recently introduced to: Seaflora.

If you have never heard of Seaflora before, they sell organic seaweed-based skin care products. They work off the coast of BC with over 10 different species of seaweed and harvest each by hand sustainably.

My skin has always been super sensitive and lately I have been trying to only put products on my face made from natural health products without added chemicals. A good friend of mine had been using Seaflora (and her skin is beautiful) so looking to try something new I thought I would give them a shot. Usually I am careful, however with the personal recommendation I jumped right into the company and bought one of everything! I couldn’t resist, everything just looked so good. My products arrived promptly within a week after ordering (and this was with me ordering on Christmas day – point one for customer service!).

I used a sea kelp mask first. Sadly, after 10 minutes I rinsed it off and had a really bad allergic reaction. My face was SUPER red and very tight. I was soo upset – half because I was really looking forward to this product line and half because I had made quite a large investment in the products.

I continued to use the face wash and moisturizer for 4-5 days before I decided my skin just wasn’t liking it. I decided to email the company to see if there was anything that could be done even though I had opened and tried everthing. The woman who received my email was such an amazing light in my day. She was very understanding of my situation and apologized for the unfortunate reaction. She had me send her a picture of the products I had purchased and gave me a full refund for the purchase (point two for customer service!). I was ecstatic! Not many companies out there would offer a full refund for products that were of no use to them anymore.

BUT IT DOESN’T END THERE! At the end of the email she informed me that she would be sending some product samples my way that were specifically formulated for sensitive skin (point three for customer service!). This small gesture made a huge impact on me. I expressed to her my gratitude as I was really looking forward to trying the products.

This morning I received a box FULL of Seaflora samples (point four-six for customer service!!). I now have a wide variety of product formulations to test and this is super exciting! Maybe my skin just doesn’t like seaweed and that’s fine, but with this small gesture of the company wanting to help me out and keep me as a customer, I will always recommend them to any of my friends looking for a natural skin care product simply due to their customer service.

A little extra effort goes a long way – it probably didn’t take much time out of her day to set up a sample box and ship it my way but I was always be extremely thankful for such kindness.

Here is the website for Seaflora if you’d like to read more: https://www.sea-flora.com/about-seaflora

They get my stamp of approval regardless if any of these samples work for me!

In love & health,



back in the studio

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This past week at school has been very inspirational. I’m really enjoying all of our classes this semester and am really trying to soak everything in. I have been jotting down some really great blog post ideas that I’ve stumbled across – however, this morning I had an experience that quickly jumped to the top of the list.

Hot yoga.

Have you been? A couple of years ago I was a hot yoga nut! I lived in the studio atleast 5-6 days a week – and when I wasn’t there I was craving the detoxifying sweat you get from a 60 minute practice. I had been out of the studio for almost 2 years now and was really missing the connectedness with my self. Since the summer I have been saying each week “this is the week you get back in the heat”. However, it’s intimidating! The room can be anywhere from 100-105 0F and it does take a few practices to get used to the heat. Each week I let the fear get the best of me. Some days even getting all ready and into the car only to not pull out of the driveway and go back inside. I was able to find an excuse, either it is was just not having enough water that day, had a coffee, didn’t eat well, was tired, or I just had too much homework to do. Monday I promised myself that I was no longer going to live in my own shadow of fear and I was going to man up (for lack of a better word) and get my butt into the studio.

So today was the day. I woke up feeling very determined and spent the entire morning gearing up for my big excursion to Moksha Yoga in downtown Guelph. I took a big deep breath before opening the door to the studio and entered to feel my entire body wrapped in the warmth. It was a 60 minute practice and I managed to survive the whole thing. I will admit that I struggled, but there were no judgements made on myself. I was just proud to not pass out. Although hot yoga is an AMAZING work out, that wasn’t the only thing I took home from my practice this morning. The energy in the room was contagious. 20 people just there to connect with themselves and move with their breath. All negativity was left outside and for 60 minutes we were each able to go within ourselves and extract a peace that may be muddled from a busy work day or stressful lifestyle. For the first time in a long time I was really just living in the moment, not letting my brain wander off to the fact that I do really have a lot of work to get down today or dwell on my slightly dizzy head. I spent that entire 60 minutes absorbing all the positive and light energy I could in that room and by the end of the movement I didn’t want to leave. There is no other way to describe how I felt after yoga other than “clear”. My soul was able to break free from the grasp of fear, stress, or anxiety and float throughout my body allowing my entire being feel energized.

I am so grateful for the practice I had this morning. Maybe I wasn’t able to do all the poses to the best of my ability, but the energetic experience I had while there completely outweighs any struggle I experienced. I cannot wait to go back and further acclimatize myself to the heat and deepen my practice.

What an amazing feeling to go into this weekend so fresh and open.



Where has the last year gone?

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Did 2013 even happen? I can’t believe that we are starting our second semester of SECOND year and that us Jan-babies have been in school for 12 months (straight). I can already tell that this semester is going to be a busy one. Southern Ontario had some crazy weather to kick off 2014, which left me stranded at home for the majority of my first week of school. Commuting from Guelph during the winter months might make my life a bit more stressful then it needs to be, but if I can get through 12 months of med school without a break longer than 21 days then I think I can handle a little bit of winter driving.

We have a few new classes this semester – pharmacology (which seems backwards, I know, but understanding the medications our future patients may be taking and possible interactions with herbal remedies is important), naturopathic manipulation, and clinical nutrition. I am really excited for nutrition, however, I am not excited for the 5 hour lecture on Thursday afternoons – who can pay attention for that long!? Luckily it sounds like it is going to be an interesting and engaging course, and the nutritional aspect of naturopathic medicine is what began drawing me to the profession originally.

On top of increasing the hours at school this semester, along with the hours of driving, I am also trying to get my personal life back on track. It was really easy last year for me to put taking care of myself on the back-burner as I adjusted to starting a new school, making new friends and living on my own. I haven’t ever been one for New Years Resolutions, but I will say I am committing to making some changes in my life this year. Now that I feel I have a handle on what is expected of me at school and what I need to do to accomplish my academic goals, I can shift my attention to exploring my new-found spirituality, energizing my body by getting back in the yoga studio and gym, and deepening my meditation practice.

Speaking of, it’s time for me to finish my PCD (Physical and Clinical Diagnosis) prep for tomorrow morning so I can get a paleo-friendly chili on the stove and get a workout in!

In love & health,